About YouthsToday Influencer

Seeders & Influencer Global is an innovative and dynamic platform that connects brands and businesses with influential content creators communities from different regions. 

Founded in 2022, our company has quickly grown to become a leading player in the rapidly expanding field of influencer marketing.


Our mission is to revolutionise the way brands reach their target audience by
 harnessing the power of influencer marketing on a global scale.


We aim to provide a seamless platform that allows businesses to collaborate with authentic and influential creators, enabling them to effectively promote their products or services to a diverse and engaged audience.

Our Platform Features:

Global Reach

Seeders & Influencer Global boasts a vast network of content creators spanning across all major social media platforms and various industries. Our platform ensures that businesses can find influencers who align perfectly with their brand and reach audiences in different regions worldwide.

Smart Matchmaking

We envision on leveraging advanced algorithms and AI-driven tools, we facilitate smart and relevant matches between brands and influencers. This ensures that campaigns are well-targeted, resonate with the audience, and drive meaningful results.

Campaign Management

Our platform streamlines the entire influencer marketing process, from initial collaboration to tracking campaign performance. Agencies can manage multiple campaigns efficiently and monitor their success through comprehensive analytics and reporting.

Authenticity and Transparency

We prioritize authenticity and transparency, ensuring that influencer partnerships feel genuine to audiences. Influencers are encouraged to be honest and upfront about sponsored content, thus building trust with their followers and the brands they work with.

Diverse Influencer Categories

Seeders & Influencer Global represents a wide range of influencers, including micro and macro creators, niche experts, and social media sensations. This diverse pool allows brands to explore unique marketing opportunities across various demographics and interests.