About Us

YouthsToday.com was founded in April 2013 by Jazz Tan as a vibrant global community platform dedicated to fostering connections, collaboration, and growth. At YouthsToday.com, our focus is on building strong communities that empower and inspire individuals around the world. We unite diverse voices, ideas, and talents to create positive change and impact on a global scale.

Our platform consists of two primary services:
YouthsToday Sponsorship, providing funding for university student events, and
YouthsToday Influencer, providing content creators opportunities.

At YouthsToday.com Sponsorship, we supporting university student sponsorship. With over 100,000 members and 300 colleges, we serve a diverse network of corporate brands, media outlets, and government leaders globally. YouthsToday.com Sponsorship enables high school, college, and university students to seek sponsorship for their projects and events, providing a seamless way for sponsors to connect with engaged and motivated youth. Users can upload sponsorship packages and outline the benefits for sponsors, creating a mutually beneficial environment. For sponsors, the platform offers a unique value proposition: the ability to engage with thousands of student event organizers globally, saving time and maximizing advertising exposure. By participating in our platform, sponsors can effectively market their products or services, gaining traction with student leaders who, in turn, influence their peers to join the sponsor’s campaigns.

TODAY, at YouthsToday.com, we are proud to offer comprehensive influencer community platform that connect creative agencies with a global network of influencers and engaged communities. Our platform is designed to help agencies effectively reach their clients’ target audiences through authentic and impactful collaborations.

YouthsToday.com Influencer bridges the gap between creative agencies and influencers, providing tools and resources to create meaningful marketing campaigns. With our extensive network of influencers from various fields and industries, we ensure that the agency’s campaigns resonate with the right audience.

With YouthsToday.com Influencer, creative agencies can leverage the power of influencer marketing to build trust, increase visibility, and drive engagement for their clients. Our global reach and innovative approach make us the ideal partner for agencies looking to create lasting impressions with their campaigns.


YToday Sdn Bhd in Brief


Building world class online community platforms.


1. Empowering Communities – To bring enhance values to all stakeholders.

2. Fostering Sustainability – Be the ultimate global platform to bridge sustainable communities and companies.

3. Nurturing and Retaining – A talented and progressive workforce in the digital era.

YouthsToday Sponsorship

300++ Public & Private Universities

100K ++ Student Leaders

Funded more than 3,000 Projects

YouthsToday Influencer

5000+ Community Influencers

30+ Agencies Collaboration

Notable Awards

Founded since 2013, our mission is to fund, educate and support students and young professionals by turning their ideas into successful projects through experiential events.